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CM Yachts



The business will be closed during the dates of

21st - 30th October.



CM Yachts  

Now runs with Mike Clifton handling the retailing side and other associated matters of the business whilst Phil Playle deals with manufacuring of the boats, fins and rudders and other items involved in fibreglass manufacturing in this Country.


Phil’s reputation for excellent craftsmanship, coupled with his extensive knowledge and passion for the sport, makes him one of the finest model yacht builders in the world.



Please note


All enquiries should be directed to CM Yachts


Our range of boats includes International One Metres, International Marblehead's, RG65, Dragon force, Dragon Flite, Force2 Catamaran, RC Laser, Micro Magic. We also carry a large range of accessories which includes boat fittings, radio equipment, sails and sail making items and all rigging items.


On the boat front we manufacture the International One Metre's - Vision, Arrival, Intransition also kit boat Tinto.


We also import  IOM's the MX16,MX14. The RG65 Scafo


In the ready to go  market we carry the RC Laser, Micro Magic, RG65 Dragonforce, Dragon Flite95 and the Joysway Force2 Catamaran





Dragon force 65 version 6 - from £179.00


Dragonflite 95 - £279.00


Dragon Flite 95 - Accessories


In stock boats on Special offer


MX14 £695.00 - £650.00



Joysway Force2 Catamaran £165.00 - £120.00




The range of accessories continues to expand and will continue to do so as new ideas and products become available. Due to the fact that our website is not fully operational  a lot of the accessories cannot be seen, in the meantime if you would like copy of our catalogue please send for a A5 stamped envelope and we will forward one to you.




We have two excellent ranges of IOM Sails Graphite and Catsails, please look at the sails section for prices.


Boat Stands


Aluminium IOM boat stand, 3 way position - £49.95

Aluminium IOM boat stand, £29.95 designed for those wishing to travel abroad packs down flat to 450 x 285 x 25mm

Aluminium Marblehead stand 3 way position - £65.00

Aluminium RG65 stand stand 3 way position - £42.00

NEW Aluminium stand for Dragonforce65 and Dragonflite 95 - £45.00




PG - French 11.1mm 7075 T9 masts are now available in Black, Purple, Blue, Red and Silver


Deck Patch material. 

Black, Charcoal, Lt Grey, Navy, Blue, Electric Blue, Green, Tan, White, Yellow, Kevlar, Cream,plus Fluro Yellow, Fluro Orange and Fluro Pink.

Price £7.50  per 1/2 sq m



New Products


Sigma EQ Mini AC/DC Intelligent charger Li-Po/Li-Lo/Li-Pe 1-4 cells, NiMh and NiCd 1-10 cells. Compact, high performance, micro processor controlled, fast and slow charge with built in Lithium balancer circuitry £29.95


LiFe/LiPo battery charger, 6.6 and 9.0 volt batteries 12volt supply - £22.00



Catsails deluxe boat bag, with zip opening £49.00


Catsails deluxe boat bag with rudder cover £55.00


Catsails 3 compartment deluxe sailbag £39.00


Catsails Deluxe 3 compartment sailbag with full length zip £75.00


Catsails fin/ballast bag £23.00


Catsails transmitter cover £36.00


Special Offers

Ripmax Saturn Sail Winch - Torque(6.0v) 12Kg/cm

                                         Speed 1.45s/360°

                                         Dimensions 59.5 x 29.5 x 55.0mm

                                         Weight 72g

                                         Price £19.95


ETNZ America's Cup Racing Yacht

                                         £229.00 now SPECIAL PRICE  £110




RG 65

All new Dragon Force Mk6 a complete ABS constructed boat ready to sail with 2.4ghz  transmitter, ready to sail in about an hour, after completing the rigging.

Price £179.00

We have a few of the MK2 version

Price £120.00

Spare parts available




Now Available


Futaba 6K 6 Channel combo 2.4ghz T-FHSS telemetry system £179.00


Futaba T2HR 2 Channel 2.4ghz Transmitter and receiver £49.00


HiTec Optic 6 Sport 2.4ghz transmitter with receiver £109.95


Planet T5 2.4ghz Transmitter with receiver - £49.00


Tamco 2.3Ghz FHSS 3 Channel Transmitter with receiver - £59.95


RC Laser  - complete with 2.4ghz transmitter, boat bag and boat stand £465.00


Kit Boats


Micro Magic - Mk 1 - price £115. Mk 2 - price £165


Boat stripes, Twin wide/narrow striping tape - 7.5mm wide by 10metre lengths.

Single colours:-   Gold. £4.95 each

Double colours:- Blue/Lt.Blue, Silver/Red and Charcoal/Red $5.95 each


Vapex Transmitter and receiver batteries:-


Item 693 - 850mah NiMh - 6.0volt AAA receiver pack Hump instant pack - £5.00

Item 693a - 950mah NiMh - 6.0volt AAA Flat receiver pack instant pack - £5.00

Item 695a - 2500mah NiMh - 6.0volt AA receiver pack instant pack - £8.95

Item 696 - 2600mah NiMh - 7.2 volt AA receiver pack at - £9.90

Item 694 - 2500mah Nimh - 9.6 volt AA instant pack, flat pack - £12.50

all fitted with Futaba plug leads

Item 694b - 2600mah NiMh - 9.6 volt AA square for Spectrum DX6 Transmitter    -  £15.95

also available

Item 692a - Single cell AA batteries 2300mah instant NiMh pack of 4 - £5.50


Life 6.6volt battery 1000mah - £8.95

Life 6.6volt battery 1600mah - £15.95

Life 6.6volt battery 2000mah - £18.95


Eneloop 6.0volt AA receiver 2000mah pack £19.95

Eneloop single cell AA batteries, 1.2volt each cell £2.99


Futaba Battery checker NiMh - LiFe - LiPo - LiIon - £34.50


We also carry sail registration numbers, letters and insignia, as well as being able to make up boat names in a new lightweight vinyl.


We also carry many sailing items from the well known Companies -       Horizon, J Perkins and Ripmax.



This is an exciting sport - come and be part of it.

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Contact Information

Michael Clifton
01234 822408
01234 822699
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Five Oaks

Church Lane

Oakley, Beds MK43 7RU


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