Paradox - Designed by Graham Bantock. Whilst this is now considered an older design it still continues to compete very well with the latest, having just won the 2002 Australian National Championships as well having been the winner of the World Championships from 1992 - 1996. It also had the proud distinction of being in ever A heat of the 2002 World Championships. Capable of using both swing and shroudless rigs. Built under license to Sailsetc.


Specifications - Paradox is available in three finishes. Hull 1. Glass/epoxy using two layers of 200 gm E glass cloth and localised reinforcing with Ampreg 20 epoxy. Hull 2. Carbon/epoxy using one layer of 200gm carbon and one layer of 120gm carbon with Ampreg 20 epoxy. Hull 3. Carbon/epoxy using two layers 120gm carbon with Ampreg epoxy. All have a Ampreg pregel coat finish with added pigment. Colours available - Black, Charcoal, Mid Grey, Purple, Anchusa Blue and Turquoise.