TINTO and JAZZ - Designed by Graham Bantock. Both are available as kits only. They have epoxy/glass hull, epoxy/glass fin/mast box and wooden decks. Tinto, is a narrower beamed design, and very good in light to moderate airs and is a version of Graham's very successful `Red Wine'. The other is the earlier designed `Jazz', a wider beamed boat and has a not to dissimilar under water design as `Ikon', both make an excellent club boat.


Specification - The hulls are constructed from Ampreg Pregel, gelcoat with added pigment to the colour of your choice. Ampreg 20 resin with 2 layers of 200gm E glass twill cloth with localised reinforcing. The fin/mast box is also made using Ampreg 20

and 2 layers of 200gm E glass. The deck is laminated ply with wooden under deck fittinqs for the winch and servo tray and localised reinforcing.